A Topiary Topping

When music video producer/life peer Sir Anthony Silverstone is found impaled with pinking shears at the center of his pound sterling shaped topiary maze, the inhabitants of Snarque-on-Chess Hertfordshire are shocked shocked that it hadn’t happened sooner.

Situated just outside London, Snarque-on-Chess is Baronets and Bling, Footballers and Fashionazis. A town so beyond smug it would need to take a double-decker bus just to get back to smug.

CID Detective Inspector Blanton Tinsley-Snarque, third son of the local impoverished Earl has suspects galore to choose from – bilked hip hoppers, jilted mistresses, a few permanent undersecretaries etc. And he must navigate through all of this carefully. One wrong move and his career will be over. Does he just go through the motions or will he be a traitor to his class?