The Return of the Savannah Siren

Out of the many great song stylists in history , Johnny Mercer always considered Lynette Wallis the best interpreter of his music, so who better to headline the Johnny Mercer Centennial concert in Johnny’s hometown of Savannah, Georgia than the “Savannah Siren” herself.

Trouble is Lynette went off the grid one night in 1970 amidst IRS and record label problems and hasn’t been heard from since. After forty years she’s an obscure, forgotten footnote to jazz history.

But young Tawna Campbell knows what Lynette means to American music and, as a publicity stunt to advance her own singing career, tells the Centennial Committee that she knows where Lynette is and can get her back in time for the concert.

Tawna has no idea where “The Siren” is but gamely answers the inevitable questions as to the Siren’s voice, health etc. that “she’s great- she’s looking forward to appearing at the concert”.

Time is running out.  Tawna’s reputation and career are at stake and with the slimmest of leads she has three days to find Lynette and convince her to come back to Savannah and do the show.

All this renewed interest in “The Siren” gets the attention of a young IRS agent, an old record exec who fears what Lynette could reveal and the current reigning pop diva who thinks she should be the headliner and will go to any length to see that Lynette does not make it back to Savannah.


Author’s Note

“I wrote this book is a tribute to all the great “standard singers” such as Mildred Bailey, Maxine Sullivan, Keely Smith, Barbra Streisand and others: singers, who with their performances sang more than just the lyrics but infused those words with all the heartbreak and love that the lyricist intended.

I also wrote the book as a tribute to Johnny Mercer.

And most importantly, I wanted to tell a story of how important it is to pass on a quintessentially American art form to a new generation.”