When billionaire temporary employment mogul Sidhartha Singh is found dead in the courtyard of his seven-story mansion in the exclusive South Mumbai gated community,  Samsara with a sign nailed to his chest “first kill all the outsourcers”, CID  Inspector VJ Choudray has a large list of suspects to choose from: bankrupt junior associates at international law firms, knifed-in-the back cabinet ministers, disgruntled employees, the list goes on and on.

Gated community does not quite do Samsara justice. Its Bollywood meets The Bhagvad Gita. A polyglot of crony capitalists from every caste, Samsara is built on the remains of the old Snarque estate. At the beginning of the British Raj, Sebastian Snarque fled England with stolen jewels and used them to finance a vast empire built on textiles and opium. The current dwellers would make Sebastian proud.

Choudray, all too aware of lingering caste prejudices, must navigate carefully through Samsara if he is to solve the murder.