No Comebacks

In the 1500s the Armstrong family was considered one of the worst in all of the British Isles beating out the Scotts, Nixon’s, and Maxwells. Rustling, extortion, kidnapping and blackmail – they did it all. But some of their descendents changed their ways to more cerebral villainy, spreading out to many countries and evolved into gentlemen (and lady) confidence tricksters.

When an old flame of the current family matriarch, a con man himself, is bilked out of his life savings in a shady stock deal, Clan Armstrong must put aside petty family rivalries and use all of its style, guile, and ingenuity to get the old man’s money back.

With their centuries old international reputation at stake, devising the ultimate sting and a suitable comeuppance for the perpetrator with No Comebacks is the order of the day.