Murder Takes A Bow – Betty Crawford Mysteries (book 1)

“Jarvis lay dead on the stage in a pool of blood… as the police led Clarise away in handcuffs.”

Introducing America’s first diabetic amateur detective. 25 year old millennial Betty Crawford is thrown into a maelstrom of murder and deceit as she races to clear her best friend of murder charges while coping with Type II Diabetes and her new web business run out of her parent’s home.

And if that wasn’t enough what can – and should – she do about her inexplicable attraction for the police officer handling the murder investigation?

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Creator’s Note

Mystery and Romance are the two most popular modern literary genres and the Betty Crawford series combines both. What makes Betty interesting isn’t merely the crimes and how she solves them but how she deals with the important issues of her life.

Betty is a type II diabetic who loves food and it shows; she is overweight. With a self aware sense of humor she faces the need to change her lifestyle, improve her self image, rebuild her career and most importantly figure out the appropriate ways to interact with her family, friends and the man she loves.

As is the case in real life, there are no easy answers, few straight lines and there is always more going on than meets the eye.

The pen name Liz Marvin is a tip of the hat and a tribute to Bess Marvin, Nancy Drew’s best friend in the enormously popular Nancy Drew Mysteries.