Snarque – The Koi Pond Kaper

Welcome to Snarque. A town so smug about its exclusivity its unofficial motto is “Have a nice day…. somewhere else”. But bad things are happening to even worse people in Snarque.

When the most prestigious, sought-after and totally corrupt midwife in Snarque is found dead in a million-dollar koi pond (her blood ruining the pond’s pH), David Windom, disgraced Beverly Hills PD public affairs officer now Snarque’s homicide detective has a problem. Does he cover up what he knows to be murder for the good of the town’s reputation or does he try to solve the crime?

He’s aided by Mattie the attractive local florist/exotic plant hallucinogenic purveyor. But even she could be a suspect along with a cross-dressing record executive, a lothario gardener and a semi-retired porn king.

Sex, scandal and schadenfreude. It’s all so deliciously precious.

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