Halloween Homicide

In Snarque it’s always about the “children”. Halloween is no exception. After a taxing evening of handing out treats to the kiddies in full fright makeup, the lead singer of the heavy metal group Megadeathmasque is found facedown in a bowl of caramels.

Stereotypical rock star drug/sugar overdose or something more sinister? It’s up to ethically ambivalent public affairs officer/homicide detective David Windom to either solve the murder or somehow get positive press for the town.

Suspects range from the lead singer of a Megadeathmasque cover band to a dipsomaniac groupie with a bent road manager thrown in for good measure. Add in a town voting/revenue enhancement scheme plus the venality and scabrousness one has come to expect from Snarque and you get another macabre tale of suburban devolution.